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1500mg CBD & Turmeric Capsules

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The 1500mg CBD & Turmeric capsules combine premium-quality CBD with ginger and turmeric extracts to work synergistically to support your body and brain. 

Puresport have blended their loved and trusted CBD with ginger and turmeric, into a unique formulation, designed to support your wellbeing from the inside out. This scientific blend aims to support the body's response to free radicals in the blood which can weaken immunity and reduce energy levels. 


When: Can be taken throughout the day.

Dosage: Each capsule contains 25mg CBD. Take 2 daily with water.

AM or PM: AM

Does it play well: Can be used in conjunction with CBD topicals, or other natural products.


  • 1500mg CBD Oil
  • Ginger
  • Turmeric
  • Black Pepper


All Puresport packaging is recyclable, and they are currently working on launching a refill system for their capsules


Founded by ex-professional athlete Grayson Hart, Puresport has created an exceptional range of natural products to support mental and physical wellness. Puresport's CBD, mushroom and nootropic supplements are the world's most tested and trusted natural supplements, and the range is loved by athletes all over, including the team at big. So whether you are looking for a more restful sleep, increased cognitive function, or need help overtaking the other runners in Viccy Park - Puresport is the winning formula.

1500mg CBD & Turmeric Capsules