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LE RUB was created to be kind for both your skin AND the planet. Developed by siblings Kim and Raf Maes, the Belgian duo wanted to design a product that reflected their immense love of the the sun and the Mediterranean, but also offered protection. Kim realised there was no mineral sunscreen on the market that had the effortless application of a chemical sunscreen, and so set out to create one. LE RUB products combine the Mediterranean’s finest natural ingredients such as fermented grape extract and tomato skin, with the biodegradable non-nanotised zinc oxide for sun protection. And LE RUB also takes care of all of your after sun needs - cooling & soothing products that can be used whether you're summering in Italy or not. This incredible range is gentle for sensitive skin, and conditions such as acne, rosacea and eczema, all whilst being completely reef safe. We’ll be LE RUB-ing it on all year round!

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