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Companion Kit - Nostalgic

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Earl of East's nostalgic pairing celebrates their eclectic roots across England. This pairing is perfect for creating an elegant and soothing ambiance in the home. Elementary provides the rich and warm base of a Victorian wood-panelled room, perfectly complimented by the freshness of a classic English country garden, created by Wildflower. When blended, they create an elegant and balanced combination, perfect for the transitional months of the year.

Scent Notes: 

Elementary - A heavy blend of tobacco leaf, amber and leather, Elementary is inspired by the grandeur of old London. It’s sweet, intense aroma evokes a timeless quality similar to that of your favourite antique cabinet or aged leather armchair.

Wildflower - A traditional blend of jasmine, gardenia and rose geranium, Wildflower is inspired by the great English countryside. Its floral-sweet profile transports you to a quintessential country garden in full bloom, creating a feeling of positivity, nostalgia and calmness in your home.


TIP 1: The first burn is the most important.
Always burn your candle for at least 2 hours to allow the melt pool to reach all edges of the candle.

TIP 2: Trim the tip of the wick in between each burn, ensuring that it's no longer than 5mm. This will stop the candle from producing excess smoke.

TIP 3: Reuse you candle jar. Place the glass in the freezer overnight; the cold causes the wax to expand so that any leftovers will pop out easily. Give it a soapy rinse and it's ready to be reused for plants, pens, makeup brushes and more.


100% vegetable wax, fragrance and essential oils.

  • Earl of East use recyclable vessels on their entire output across candle and beauty products. 
  • Biodegradable caps are used for their flat lid products and recyclable caps for all other products with lids. 
  • All paper stocks used are fsc certified and all ink is water based.

Co-founders Niko and Paul started Earl of East as a market stall with a love of home fragrance. Built on the brand's 4 pillars: Create, Curate, Collaborate and Community, Earl of East thinks holistically about sustainability. Hand poured in London, collaborating with artists and independent brands, and using 100% eco-vegetable wax and sustainable materials, Earl of East is a business with a big East London heart. We are crazy about their intoxicating home scents, and know you will be too!

Companion Kit - Nostalgic
Companion Kit - Nostalgic