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Earl of East

Greenhouse Incense Cones

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These beautifully scented incense cones are inspired by long Summers spent in Greece, our Greenhouse scent is a bespoke blend of vine tomato, parsley seed and basil. It’s the ultimate fresh summer scent - perfect for long evenings on the terrace. 

Scent notes: Vine tomato, parsley seed, basil

Each tin contains 16 hand dipped incense cones made with macco powder and spring water. The cones burn for approximately 15 minutes. 



Use: Light the tip of the incense cone with a flame until it catches, then blow out. Place upright using a heatproof incense holder.


Macco powder (bark of Machillus Thunbergii tree) mixed with spring water and turned into a paste and then shaped into the cones by hand, scented with Earl of East's signature Smoke & Musk Oil Blend. 

  • Earl of East use recyclable vessels on their entire output across candle and beauty products.
  • Biodegradable caps are used for their flat lid products and recyclable caps for all other products with lids.
  • All paper stocks used are fsc certified and all ink is water based.

Co-founders Niko and Paul started Earl of East as a market stall with a love of home fragrance. Built on the brand's 4 pillars: Create, Curate, Collaborate and Community, Earl of East thinks holistically about sustainability. Hand poured in London, collaborating with artists and independent brands, and using 100% eco-vegetable wax and sustainable materials, Earl of East is a business with a big East London heart. We are crazy about their intoxicating home scents, and know you will be too!

Greenhouse Incense Cones
Greenhouse Incense Cones